Success Stories

Raju Ramu Rude’s inspiring story

Hanuman Nagar is located in Yavatmal district, Maharashtra, with about 150 households. In the absence of in-house and community toilet facilities, villagers, both men and women, used to defecate in the nearby forest areas. There was no segregation of defecation areas for men and women.

In December 2015, the team met Raju Ramu Rude, a 62-years old vegetable vendor. He expressed his innermost aspiration that throughout his life he always felt ashamed that his wife and daughter were going for open defecation. ACC assured him of financial assistance for constructing an in-house toilet. When his toilet was under construction, villagers used to visit his house and observe the progress of work. This initiative of Raju Ramu Rude was wide appreciated and motivated many villagers to construct their own toilets. Within a span of five months, each household constructed its own toilet with encouragement and support from PRI members, NGO representatives and ACC CSR Team.

Out of a total of 43 toilets supported by ACC, 37 households received financial support of Rs. 6000/- from ACC. Remaining 6 households desperately wanted to build toilets, but were unable to spend even Rs. 6000/-. They were able to spare only Rs.2000 and the rest of the amount was given by other community members of the community. Thus they too succeeded in constructing toilets in their homes. As a result of ACC’s proactive role and government initiatives in April 2016, Hanuman Nagar became an Open Defecation Free village.