COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Protecting frontline workers

Hundreds of women are working round-the-clock to produce face-masks for frontline workers fighting COVID-19 across the country. As India is facing an acute shortage of face-masks, ACC TRUST has stepped in and engaged its associate Self Help Grops (SHGs) across its countrywide ecosystem to produce three-layered face-masks that are the need of the hour. Over the years, ACC's alternative livelihood DISHA centres have trained thousands of women in local communities in vocational skills such as industrial tailoring and encouraged them to form Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Now, to protect workers who are fighting on the frontlines, ACC is using this network of trained women to produce much-needed masks for local municipalities, sanitation workers, vegetable vendors and those who are providing essential services. It also helps them contribute to the household income at a time when other family members are not going out to work. ACC TRUST has produced and dispatched ~ 23,000 triple-layered masks thus far, and in the next few days, another 20,000 masks will be ready for dispatch.

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