Success Stories

Improving the livelihood of farmers

ACC TRUST has formed community based farmers organization named Rajiv Lochan Producer Company. The project was piloted with 100 farmers in two gram panchayats in 2015-16. The projects covered 500 farms in the year 2016-17 and in the current year a cumulative of 1,500 farmers are adopting IPM-NPM. The products and practices are also being piloted in 6 states and almost 5,000 farmers have started using the practices.

For promoting organic farming, the farmers are supported and trained in setting up vermi-compost units and preparation of organic manure and organic pesticide minimizing the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide. The farmers were encouraged to start organic culture and fungicide. Farmers from many parts of the state have visited our sites and FPO for exposure to know more about the practices as well as the products. The model is also set to be replicated with 13 FPOs in West Bengal, Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh.