Success Stories

Driving his own business

31 - year-old Mohammed Irfan Patel exemplifies the success of Disha. A decade ago, Patel had just completed a course at the local ITI and had no job. “I saw some ACC posters about a driver training program,” he recollects. ACC Wadi helped him secure a driving license and trained him to drive, after which he began working for the company by driving around guests visiting the plant. He started earning 1,500 a month, and slowly his wages doubled. In 2012, he decided to start his own driving school in Wadi, with support from Disha, Wadi. Today, Patel runs his own A-1 Motor Driving School. “My business has been successful. Over the last five years, ACC has sent around 100 students to my academy for training,” says a thankful Patel, who earns about 25,000 a month now.

“I am grateful to ACC Disha for giving me the opportunity to make a living and to start my own enterprise.”

- Mohammed Irfan Patel